Young men and women, boys and girls who keep having sex knowing very well you are not married should desist from such reckless engagements. It’s about time we stopped this filth. I hear some say, “I want to test to know what I’m going to stay with forever . . .” Test? Is she a car engine? Please, this “naivety” must stop with immediate effect! The sad thing is we consciously perpetuate the act knowing there’s someone to shift the blame on; the devil. If really you want to help yourself out of it, desist from what you know lead(s) you into it, such as being in a lonely place together, kissing, sexual conversations . . .in fact you know the rest and where you fall. You may have defiled yourself too many times in this manner, but God’s grace is still available for you. Ask for forgiveness.

Decide to STOP and take steps. Talk to someone you trust and know can help you out of it. The last time I checked, God’s standards never changed. So don’t lower yours either.