We sing: it’s all about you . . . Yes, indeed it’s all about you (us). We have a virtual mirror before us, singing: “It’s all about you”; speaking to ourselves. And so even though we seem to make a declaration to God, our SELVES stand in the way to receive all that is due HIM. You and I both say it’s all about JESUS but unfortunately, it’s everything about US. We sing: I give myself away. . .  Indeed have we? We feel disappointed in God because we lost a dear one, a job, failed an exam . . . We even think God is unfaithful. The good news is, GOD IS EVER FAITHFUL & GOOD. Eventually, our service to God declines from the top through to the negatives. This is where we know if indeed IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS or everything about us. We still munch on the very things that inhibit our being given away. Before we say to give ourselves away, let’s reflect and appreciate to the core what it means before taking the step. Do we even have an option? We are not our own but God’s. Will the clay question the Potter? In concluding, let’s know that genuinely giving ourselves away means zero attention is channeled to SELF. By that, nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35).

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